Lecture Slides

On this page, you can find lecture slides for Clark, Golder, and Golder’s (2017)  Principles of Comparative Politics, published with CQ Press/Sage. You can find two sets of Beamer slides, one with a black background and one with a white background. You can download the PDFs or, if you want to edit the slides yourself, you can download the PDFs and the supplementary materials. I have tried to make it easy if you wish to change the colors and style used in the Beamer slides — you only need to change a few lines in the preamble.

Beamer (Black Background)

Beamer (White Background)

You can also download or see the lecture slides by chapter:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: What is Science?

Chapter 3: What is Politics?

Chapter 4: The Origins of the Modern State

Chapter 5: Democracy and Dictatorship: Conceptualization and Measurement

Chapter 6: The Economic Determinants of Democracy and Dictatorship

Chapter 7: The Cultural Determinants of Democracy and Dictatorship

Chapter 8: Democratic Transitions

Chapter 9: Democracy or Dictatorship? Does It Make A Difference?

Chapter 10: Varieties of Dictatorship

Chapter 11: Problems with Group Decision Making

Chapter 12: Parliamentary, Presidential, and Semi-Presidential Democracies

Chapter 13: Elections and Electoral Systems

Chapter 14: Social Cleavages and Party Systems

Chapter 15: Institutional Veto Players

Chapter 16: Consequences of Democratic Institutions